Company Law and Secretarial Compliance.

With the amendments in the Companies act (hereinafter referred to as the said act), it has now become mandatory U/s 253 of the said Act to have approved Director Identification Number (hereinafter referred to as DIN) for the person to be appointed or reappointed as a Director of the Company and all existing Directors.

So we advise all our Clients to get the DIN approved for the existing Directors and for the new Directors before appointment.

Company Law
1.Incorporation of new companies
2.Change of name of existing companies
3.Complying with the formalities of takeovers
4.Conversion and reconversion
5.Due-Diligence of Corporate matters/statutes
6.Handled international Due Diligence
7.All the procedural/ Advisory matters

Legal Advisors
.Drafting of Documents.
.Legal Due diligence.
.Business Restructuring.
.Take over of Business/ Companies.
.Business set up.

And all companies should preserve the following documents of their Directors or incoming Directors:

1)Pan Card
2) Pass Port.
3) Ration Card. (Also advisable to get it translated i.e. the address with ration card no. in English duly certified by C.A.)
4) Driving License.
5) Election card.
6) Telephone/ Electricity bills (Latest )


1.Application for DIN is made by the individual, intending to be appointed as a Director of any company or existing Director U/s 266A of the said Act.

2.Once we get the DIN allotted U/s 266B of the said Act and approved, the Director of the company shall U/s 266D of the said Act intimate within one month of the receipt of the DIN to the Company, under form DIN2.

3.Company shall within one week from the receipt of the intimation of DIN from its Directors, inform to the Registrar of the Company under prescribed form DIN3 U/s 266E of the said Act.

4.Every person or the Company, while furnishing any return, information or particulars as are required to be furnished under the said Act, shall quote the DIN U/s 266F.

5.Please note obtaining more than one approved DIN is an offence U/s 266C of the said Act.

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Compiled by: Gopal Malpani Sashi Daga Secretarial Support, Devendra Daga, Santosh Acharya, Varsha Gaikwad, Editorial Board, Manish Malpani